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Mibu gishi Den (2003) : ShinsengumiHQ

Mibu gishi Den (2003)

January 1, 2009 · Filed Under fiction 


are from the Region 2 dvd you can purchase here
we encourage all fans to purchase the official copy and support
quality film making. Everything is the
property of Shochiku.

We also
recommend the OST
by Hisaishi Jo (best known for his work in Princess Mononoke)

was originally a novel by Asada
, TV series starring Watanabe
as Yoshimura and Naoto
as Saito and finally major motion picture.


, Okita in Mibugishiden was Yamanami
in NHK’s

, Saito, was Serizawa

, Yoshimura was the voice
of Hijikata Toshizo
in Kon
‘s animated feature SHINSENGUMI


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Behind the scenes3 Behind the scenes4
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Behind the scenes7


This was
a film I definitely had to watch twice, once to pay close attention
to the subtitles to get the backstory of the Yoshimura character
down and then again to be able to concentrate on everything
else. I know it was the story of the real Yoshimura Kanchiro
but I would have been much happier with more time spent on his
Shingengumi comrades and their explots instead of flashing back
to the family he left behind in Nanbu so often.

What action scenes there were, were super and I would have loved
to see them longer. To me Koichi Sato stole the film as Saitou
Hajime who had a loathing/respect relationship with Yoshimura.
In fact all the main Shinsengumi players shown were excellent,
Nagakura, Okita, Hijikata even Kondou. This is a definite must


http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0359692/ deals with Yoshimura, a
fictitious character (this was mentioned on a site—it is -incorrect-
Yoshimura Kanichiro was a REAL person) created to represent
alot of the other nameless samurai/swordsmen and I think that
the actor

portraying Yoshimura did a great job. However, good acting cannot
make up for a poor writing/directing in regards to the fate
of Yoshimura (his last

scenes in particular which dragged on and on and on).

The movie should have been better edited because the content
did not move the story along (I’ve seen MANY Japanese films
by several directors and although some are SLOW the content
is still relevant to the story)

[I know that the film is a drama but who watches a film on the
Shinsengumi and not expect to see some ACTION?] To me, if feels
like the fired the choreographer who designed the first action
sequence between Yoshimura and Nagakura (one Nagakura’s one
handed overhead deflection looked cool)…if they sprinkled
the movie with a few more of those I’d be REALLY happy.

my final score 8/10

*good analyzation of left handed sword technique (examination
of a corpse)

*Saito uses his special technique (left hand thrust with right
hand supporting sword) in almost all fight scenes and the directing
is very detailed…he eats with his left hand

*very realistic beheading (this movie is not for kids)

*inclusion of guerilla warfare techniques which the Shinsengumi
DID employ

*showing Saito taking out the trash existing in the Shinsengumi

*demonic Okita

*GREAT fight between Nagakura (cute) and Yoshimura

*cross generational impact of Shinsengumi

*the detail is awesome note Yoshimura’s damaged metal headband
after deflecting a slash to his head from the guy he cornered
in the alley

*S.H. spitting water on the sword handle + catching drops of
rainwater before unsheathing the sword (to get a better grip

[cut scenes worth mentioning]

1) a member of the Shinsengumi threatening an accountant with
a sword and asking for more money to fix his sword (I gather
from the body language)…S.H. sees this and looks at the list
of rules posted on the wall and thinks to himself

*transition* S.H. and Okita beating a guy up in the dojo with
a wooden swords (no body armor)…it is really hard to tell
but it seems that S.H. is beating the guy who earlier threatened
the accountant

2) Hijikata using a rifle!…in the movie he grabs the barrel
of the gun with his hand (shot)…I think the director removed
this because he wanted just to portray Hijikata wielding traditional

3) Okita action scene…Saitou at Toba Fushimi running into
a building with the enemy following…he kills all of them in
the building

4) Okita making fun of Yoshimura while Yoshimura was having
his pic taken (Okita was funny even though I didn’t know what
he was saying I think he was trying to imitate Yoshimura’s accent)

behind the scenes all in Japanese…Koichi Sato looking very
very handsome in a blue kimono…also showed CG techniques for
the beheading scene…showed Okita practicing all of his moves
for filming but then they cut the scene.


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