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Aizu Festival 2004 : ShinsengumiHQ

Aizu Festival 2004

January 1, 2009 · Filed Under makoto 
Aizu Festival 2004
Photographs and comments by Tama
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The day before of the Aizu parade, Koji Yamamoto( wearing sunglasses) visited the city hall of Aizu Wakamatsu to be appointed to Ambassador of goodwill of Aizu Wakamatsu at this occasion.
Many fan girls (including me and my friend) met him at the entrance.
Opening ceremony of the Aizu Clan parades.
The messenger in armor announce the opening.
Ceremony of arrow shouting from the Crane castle (Tsurugajo Castle).
An off stage shot just before the opening address by NHK Shinsengumi actors. You can see Koji Yamamoto (Hijikata), Koi Kumatsura (Masajiro Ozeki :the standard-bearer of Shinsengumi), and Shouei(Kai Shimada)
Opening stage address by Koji Yamamoto. He told us the message from Masato Sakai (Yamanami), giving an imitation of him, which excited the audience.
Aizu clan parade. Cortege in the Daimyo procession.
Princess Kiku and followers.
A famous novelist Mitsugu Saotome, author of many historical novel about Bakumatsu or Shinsengumi among other a long novel entitled, “Aizushi damashii”( The sprit of samurai of Aizu), portrayed famous chief retainer Tanomo Saigo. He has participated to the parade since more than 30 years!
Nagaoka Juushitai (Nagaoka musketeers)
Famous Gatling gun
[left] Military governor Tsugunosuke Kawai
(I forgot already some who’s who, so if someone find out possibly mistake, please let me know.)

[right] Matsudaira Katamori. Katamori sama was portrayed by Mr.Katahisa Matsudaira. As you can guess by the name he is the direct descendent of Katamori and the present master of the Matsdaira of Aizu, representing 14th generation.

And Aizu shinsengumi arrived.
Saito in the parade.
And NHK Shinsengumi!
Hijikata san look at me!(It seemed I was placed at “wrong side” this time.)
Every actors stopped at the shopping arcade to make another speech.
This time, Koji began his address by saying, “Mataseta na”(I’ve kept you waiting!) the word of NHK Hijikata at Ikedaya raid which made scream fan girls again. There were too many people but I called to him,”Hijikata saaan!”, though.(LOL)
After the shopping arcade, we moved nearby hotel and after taking lunch in the room, we was waiting for the arrival of the parade which would pass just in front of our hotel.
There was less crowded and we could see better this time!
(To approach the parade, we was acrossing the street just in front of a Princesse’s car, which deserved the death as punishment in Edo period.)
And here Aizu Shinsengumi again.
Tadasaburo Sasaki and Mimawarigumi. Sasaki sama was portrayed by a director of an enterprise in Aizu.
No need to explain, them again!
This time, we are so close to them. He didn’t look at me and discussing something with the man who was pulling his car, but I didn’t have the courage to call him “Hijikata san” again. Because he looked like too Hijikata .
(I noticed only after watching this photo, how his chest and hands were sexy. LOL)
And Shimada seemed so friendly and smiled to everyone.
Suzaku (phoenix) unit
Seiryu (blue dragon) unit
Princess Teru of Aizu,ladies in waiting, and guards.
A westerner came from Prussia, Henry( or Heinrich, if he was a Prussian?) Schnell who became the military adviser of Aizu clan and later organized the first Japanese immigration to America.
He is accompanied by Okei, one of the first Japanese immigrant woman.
Genbu (turtle) unit
The banner of Joushitai
Takeko Nakano portrayed by the chief of the student council of a High school in Aizu wakamatsu, followed by female pole sword (naginata) unit , Joushitai.
NHK again. This time we got back to the Crane Castle to attend the closing ceremony and waited the parade again! (oh! Yes)This time, Hijikata looked at us. (or toward us) But no photo.
The closing address by actors on the stage.


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