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Cosplay : ShinsengumiHQ


January 1, 2009 · Filed Under makoto 


All photographs are the property of Wolverinesg7.

Interview With Wolverinesg7

Ques #1 “How did you encounter the Shinsengumi?”

I had a friend in Japan who would help me get information about the 47 ronin. She told me about the Shinsengumi.Then I asked my Sensei and he told me that those men wheir legends, true Samurais. When I got home I did a google search and came across the SHQ web site and never looked back. So in terms its all your fault..

Ques #2 “How long did it take for you to have the artist complete the
tattoo? And was it painful?”

I had got my shoulder blade done first that took 7hrs. Then when it healed I went to another artist and this on took three sessions.

Ques #3 “How did you explain your intent to your artist or what did you
show to him/her to use as a guide?”

Well first I told my artist about my love for Japan, Samurai, and Shinsengumi so he can get a feeling of where I’m coming from. I printed photos from the site as a guide.

Ques #4 “How did you decide on the design—are there personal
motivations and what will this tattoo mean to you?”

This is my deication to all Shinsengumi members who fought like true Samurais and showing the world the true meaning of honor, duty, and loyalty. Thats what I look up to and thats what motivates me.

Ques #5 “Many people harbor negative stereotypes against people who
have tattoos. If you meet these people, how do you explain the subject of
your tattoo to them?”

That every tattoo has a symbolic meaning. May it be one letter or one line, I bet they still have a story behind them.



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