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October 28, 2008 · Filed Under fiction 


(Commentary by Barbara Sheridan)

This is a well done, good looking but bizarre little movie that delves deeply into the Shinsengumi Keppuroku chapter “The Boy With Bangs”. Basically one of the Shinsengumi’s impressive new recruits is a very pretty young man named Kano Sozaburo. And I do mean pretty as you can see from the posters above. As one might imagine in a place where men are stuck with men pretty much 24/7, young Kano starts becoming the object of many men’s desires though he seems not to be interested.
I think my favorite part concerns poor, put-upon Inspector Yamazaki Susumu who is ordered by Hijikata to take the Kano kid to Shimabara and get him a woman since he can’t know what he’s missing if he hasn’t had it. It seems like a simple enough task…..^_^ and p.s.–do pay attention to the poor palanquin bearers when the less than rail thin Yamazaki and Kano become their passengers.

When murders of Kano’s admirers begins happening no one is quite sure who the culprit is, but Hijikata (terribly micast in my opinion) is determined to find out.


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